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Be the Hero of Your Story!

We all have our dreams. Even children chatter in the playground talking about what superhero they would like to be or what they would like to become when they grow up. So many dreams begin in our childhood and they remain dreams even into our adulthood.

To be a 'superhero' can be a reality for many of us. Perhaps that means different things to different people. It can be you become a doctor, a mother, a father, an artist, a business owner, or a chef. Whatever it may be, you become a superhero as you take actions to share your gift and talents with the world.

But what happens when over the years you forget this dream and you are constantly bombarded by messages that tell you that it is not possible? Then your dream of becoming a superhero simply remains a dream. It remains a dream, an aspiration that eventually turns into frustration.

The truth is that your dream is possible because the majority of the negative messages that prevent you from achieving come from the internal chatter in your own mind. You blame it on responsibilities, your busy, or perhaps don't even believe you are capable.

But if just for one moment, could you go back to that child with that dream? Could you simply take action without fear, could you take steps in faith that you have already become that superhero?

Remember, a superhero doesn't mean you to have the ability to fly physically, but the ability to fly freely in your mind.

If you believed truly that you are a superhero… imagine what you could achieve, imagine what action you would take and how far you can reach!


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