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First, I can tell you what coaching is NOT.  Coaching is not mentoring, counseling, therapy, or consulting. Coaching can at times have some components of these modalities, but the best word to describe coaching is "partnership".  The job of a coach is to partner with a client to tap into their highest potential. The coach helps create self-awareness for the client by connecting thought and emotions to a desired goal.  Then, the coach guides the client in developing strategies that will help them meet that goal. 


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There are many benefits to coaching but here are a few:

  • Discover your strengths and opportunities to improve and optimize your life

  • Improve business performance

  • Find stability through changes

  • Learn how to prioritize your time based on personal values

  • Create work-life balance

  • Create and sustain healthy relationships

  • Increase vitality and health

  • Discover your passions



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Coach Beli 's approach to coaching is utilizing the Core Energy Process which empowers the client to make his or her own decisions by tapping into their "core" thoughts and emotions. This is the motivation that will help the client maintain the focus and the drive required to achieve long lasting and meaningful results.

A typical coaching session will focus on:


1. Client's Agenda: The needs of the client is most important.  Every session will start with what is most critical to the client at the time of coaching.  

2. Client has the Answers: The coach doesn't give advice, but rather asks questions, provides insights, and works with building the client's confidence to think through his or her concern.  The coach gives the client the "think time" to determine the best decision for solving their issue.  

3. Partnership & Accountability: The coach ultimately partners with clients so they learn to be accountable to the solution they commit too.  



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