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 A Message From the Founder

Hello and welcome to my site! 
I want to personally thank you for s
stopping by and learning more about me and the services I offer. 
More importantly, I also want to congratulate you for beginning the journey of creating the change you want to lead a more empowered life, and reading this is only the beginning. 
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Beli Dominguez 

Founder, CEO, & Leadership Coach

It requires the appropriate mindset for success.  Throughout my life, I had my share of transitions from immigration as a child and seeing the struggles my family went through, to transitioning from the military to civilian life, changes in relationships, and even deciding to start my own business.  During these changes, I grew beyond my imagination when I stopped placing limits on my thinking and made a conscious choice to respond differently to the world around me.    
As human beings, we view the world through filters created by our experiences, values, or the environment we are exposed to. Those filters will either limit or expand what we see, think, and feel about our personal circumstances. These filters influence how we respond or “show up” in front of our family, friends, neighbors, subordinates, leaders, or coworkers. How we think, feel, and act defines who we are as leaders.  I emphasize the word leader, because everyone is a leader.  Whether we realize it or not, we are all leaders because we make decisions for ourselves daily and have direct and indirect influence in the lives of others. The decision go to work, the choice to help a neighbor, to help in the community, or even the decision not to cut someone off in traffic, these are some of the choices you lead day in and day out.   
The great news is you have the power to become the type of leader you want to become through awareness of your "filters" that shape your values, choices, and opportunities in life. This does, however, require a deliberate decision to embrace change. Whether we like change or not, we have to accept it is a constant.  We either change by choice or by force, either way, it’s going to happen.  Think about this, we started as small babies and day by day, we grew into the people we are today.  Our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth wasn't always easy, but there were either external or internal forces that moved us along.  There were many factors that motivated us, such as our desire to walk, passion to play, our need to fit in with our friends, or our parents guidance.  Eventually, we took our first step, spoke our first words, and made our first decision about something we really wanted to do in life.   
The choice to create what we want for ourselves hasn't change much since we were children.  The difference is now we have more experience in life and can make more conscious choices based on what we truly value.  There are some people who believe they have limited choices and place a lot of "I have to", "I should do", or "I can't do" in their minds which limits their success.  However, these are the limiting beliefs we place on ourselves.  The truth is, we are leaders of our lives and have the power of choice to make a change. 
As I had the opportunity to dig deep and learn more about myself and others, I realized that we all have a similar dream.  That dream is to succeed in the pursuit of life and professional goals without limitations.  GLOBELI COACHING was founded on the principle that people can succeed anywhere they choose.  My company's vision is to empower people who dare to dream big, want to have a new life, grow professionally, and will not settle for the status quo. My personal mission is to partner with professionals who are tired of feeling stuck where they are in life, are ready for a change, but want to get clarity on creating their vision, discovering their strengths, and ultimately transform their life, both personally and professionally.   
Whether you are a person who wants to take their leadership or life to the next level, or perhaps you are preparing for a change or new opportunity, GLOBELI COACHING is a trusted partner in designing the life and career you desire.  From creating a new start, discovering what's next, to thriving in your new life, my ultimate wish is for my clients to lead empowered in creating the best chapter of their lives.  
What do you say? What do you want your life story to say about you?  I welcome the opportunity to partner with you in creating the story of a lifetime! 
Kind Regards!
Coach Beli 
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