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Belitza was my professional coach for 12-weeks during which she helped me focus on transition and work-life balance. Belitza is skilled at asking great questions. She used her coaching skills to support me in formation of my own consulting business, and she held me accountable for action steps. Through her very capable coaching, I launched my business.I would recommend Belitza without reservation.

Linda M., Independent Coach at the Doerr Leadership Institute

Texas, USA 2016

Belitza is a gifted coach with an engaging and results-oriented style.  She helped me find solutions by listening and acknowledging and then empowering me to overcome limitations and choose a clear way forward. I nicknamed her "Angel" because she was exactly the helping hand I needed at just the right time....which I felt was more than just a coincidence. She was a God-send.  

Steve S., Global HR Manager, Gardner Denver

Texas, USA 2016

The Alamo Young Government Leaders had an opportunity to partner with Belitza in providing training to 15 of our members.  Belitza's presentation on energy leadership was easy to follow and she shared experiences relevant to each respective level. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive. Bottom line ...If you have aspirations to move beyond your current situation (e.g., professional/personal), Belitza is a phenomenal coach and mentor. Thank you Belitza!

Julian G., President Alamo Young Government Leader

Texas, USA 2016

Belitza is an amazing coach. She gets right to the heart of where you are having troubles and helps you get clear on the core you.  She really helped me identify breakdowns in my personal life that translated in my professional and BAM!  It's helped me break through major barriers at work that were really holding me back from excelling. Her work with me has far surpassed any other coach I've had thus far.  There is no doubt, she is a 5 star!

Dr. Vera Singleton,  Naturopathic Medical Doctor

California, USA 2016

It has been a privilege working with Belitza as my Executive Coach. She truly demonstrates a gift for coaching.  I began working with her at a time when I had decided to add another dimension to my professional career.  Belitza has supported me through this journey and I don’t believe that these past several months would have been same without her.  Belitza’s tough questions, thoughtful reflection and valuable insights have both provoked and encouraged me to consider and reflect upon how my personal priorities and value system shape the professional decisions I make.  Belitza’s coaching style is extraordinarily effective in that it has challenged me to explore and acknowledge the level of commitment and energy I choose to direct to various objectives and goals and as a result I continue to make great strides both professionally and personally.



Angela S., LL.B. ACC, Professional Coach

Canada, 2016

Working with Belitza has been instrumental in helping me move forward in my life. She's given me the skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks, as well as set reasonable deadlines. My confidence has increased in making decisions and I am now able to move forward in achievable steps. Belitza has really helped me to enjoy life more. I used to be very stressed out about my obligations, goals and priorities. Belitza has helped me turn my stress into renewed confidence. It has resulted in more productivity. She has also given me wonderful insight on fresh opportunities. I am eternally grateful for Belitza's support and encouragement on embarking on the rest of my life journey.

L.Arcelús,  Teacher at Northside San Antonio School District

Texas, USA 2016

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