"Unmarked Boxes"

As you reflect on 2020, think about your experiences and changes that occurred in the span of one year. There were perhaps wonderful memories and also moments of grief and sorrow. I personally have many fond memories of travel, meeting new friends, and growing to new levels of life and in my career. However, like many of you, I also had to adjust to life in the midst of a pandemic. Worst of all, I even had to mourn the death of a loved one.

In the middle of what life brings you, you can learn what you are capable of and what you truly desire. In this new knowledge, you can then emerge into the person you wish to become.

The poet Rumi said, "Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form". Meaning, there is no need to live in one's grief because something greater will come. And, to change and emerge, one must let go and open the new "unmarked boxes" in life. This requires letting go of the things, the people, and the situations that no longer fits your new life.

Always remember that life is a contrast of both positive and negative. And in the midst of both, you can learn more about yourself. At first you may cry for what you have lost, but understand that this means you are only making room for the new unmarked boxes of life. These boxes are eagerly awaiting for you to explore them.

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